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Back from Los Angeles

Julia and I went on a trip alone to visit my cousin & another friend in Los Angeles for a week. We had such a great time and I managed to spend some good quality time both exploring L.A and catching up with my culture.  

We went to Disney, Downtown L.A, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Griffin inventory, Griffith Park, Santa Monica Pier, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive. 

I made sure to eat the sushi in California, donats, and good burgers! On our last night in L.A we had a farewell dinner me and my people in a Mediterranian restaurant with belly dance show and DJ and live band entertainment. It's not possible to eat in nice restaurants if you are accompanied by kids. So we had to stick to dinners and casual places since my cousin had two small kids of her own. 

The weather was fantastic, just like Swedish summer as it rained sometimes. I was amazed by the L.A peoples driving but on my stop in NYC I discovered they were a lot better for the American standard. 

I am differently coming back again and next time I want to do (without children) activities, such as visiting museums, studios and California adventure and more... Becuase there is still a lot to see, explore and try. 

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After Holiday / NY Liver Cleanse

Cleansing your liver for the new year should be one of the 2018 resolutions. Your liver is what you might call the laboratory of the body. Many complex chemicals take place there that ensure your survival each and every day. After eating lots of holiday fatting foods and new years eve party snacks and drinks, it's currently time to start a good year with a fresh healthier liver. I recommend do this for 7 days in a row and you will currently feel the effect. I started with mine already from day 1. 

Your liver breaks down the toxins that you encounter, consume, and produce. Unfortunately, in today’s society, we are inundated with toxic chemical substances in the air, water, and even in our food, and we often make the problem worse with our prescription and over the counter medications, an improper diet, and lack of sleep. Your liver cleans and purifies the blood, removing all toxins and waste products. When your liver is overburdened, it doesn’t do that as effectively as it could, which leaves you feeling bloated and tired. It’s no wonder that cleansing and detoxifying our overworked and overburdened liver is vital for the recovery of our organs and allows us to live a life free from chronic disease.

Follow this procedure for preparing and using the raisins for your liver cleanse:

1. Take one-half cup of raisins and cover them with hot water for 15 minutes.

2. Rinse the raisins with fresh, cool, running water.

3. Boil some more water, and then allow to cool until it is close to room temperature.

4. Place the raisins in jar or cup and cover them with the boiled water. Allow sitting for 24 hours.

5. In the morning, on an empty stomach, eat the raisins and drink the water they were soaking in.

6. Now lie down for one and a half to two hours with a hot water bottle on the right side of your abdomen.

Source: https://naturalon.com/
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2017 Achievements

It was such a great year even with its ups and downs. I managed to accomplish some of my milestones that were on hold. Wve been to many places and enjoyed lots of events and holidays together. We started 2017 surrounded by snow In the mountain cabin north Sweden, Julia was sick on our last New Years Eve and I did not quite enjoy it. This year we said goodbye to 2017 and welcomed 2018 in completely different temperatures, atmosphere and mind state. I am sure this is going to be my year! 

Here are some of the achieved goals and goodies of 2017 that I could remember:

- I lost pregnancy weight and managed to keep myself motivated for a workout routine doing Tabata cardio at home and treadmill running for at least 30 min every other day. See my treadmill workout here.

- Got my Swedish citizenship/passport. Which plays a big role in un-limiting my travel miles.

- Finally finally got my teeth braces. This one has been on my list for years and years and has been always delayed by work or other responsibilities at the time. I had to travel abroad to do them since they were ridiculously expensive in Sweden.

- Julia started her Kindergarten. And I got the time to accomplish some of the mentioned here.

- Traveled to: Canary Island again, Malaga twice, Greece for a week, Finland, Norway road trip, Estonia (back and forth) by boat, Danmark stop on our way to the Caribbean.

- I got my freaking SWISHISH DRIVING LICENCE (The driving theory is unbelievable including snow practice, alcohol road danger risks/lectures). This one has been on hold since 2015.

- I passed the Swedish language test with a good score allowed me to go further with my study and I started studying on distance part-time.

- Had a reunion with an old friend from Britain who came and visited me home in Sweden and such an amazing time talking nostalgic things about the country I grew up in where she used to work and live too.

- Planned and booked my first family/friends reunion for January which I can not wait for in the United States.

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Building Bridges In 2018

For the past couple of years, I have isolated myself quite a lot when it comes to my own personal social life/culture for different reasons. As the years pass me by and as I grow old in age and responsibilities, I see how important it is for me to meantime a social balance with people who I connect with and I shared wonderful memories and experiences.  

This year I am finally planning a get-together and reunion with a couple of my dearest family members and friends. These events are going to be very big and mean a lot to me because I really neglected this part of my needs for a very long time until I started feeling the consequences.  Dealing with homesickness for both missing the culture and people who I have a history with is not very easy. And it doesn't go away by time or years. 

Now I am so happy that my dearest people share the same interest and are willing to make this happen, by making the time and opportunity for me to reconnect with this part of me that needed to be fulfilled. I really appreciate it! 

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The Adrenal Body Type (Pear Shape) Profile And How to Fix it.

I am so happy I came across this info as I was doing research for some irritating symptoms I had lately, which made me almost think I might have diabetes. I was so surprised that my body type "The Pear Shape" is Fat Protein Efficient, Adrenal Body or even Gonad Type.  If you want to know your body type take the Dr.Eric Berg Quiz.

The life-saving info was about creating a meal plan/lifestyle for my specific body type. What happens when you eat for your body type? You give your body the right types of foods at the right time. Bigger meals when your metabolism is highest and you will more easily burn it off and smaller meals when your metabolism is lowest. You learn exactly what foods to avoid and what to eat more of. How to balance your glands hormones so that the weight comes off easily! 

Here is some info from Bodytypology about the pear shape woman: 

Physical Traits

The Pear Body Type may often exclaim, “Why do I always gain weight There!” You tend to gain weight on the lower body, the sides of the upper thighs, the bum, you are pear-shaped. The lower body is bigger, the upper body is small to medium-sized.  The back slightly curved in, the buttocks are predominant. Cellulite is usually present in the lower parts of the body and has usually been there for a long time. 

Energy Levels

The Pear Body Type is sometimes more of a night owl than a morning person. Although they need more sleep than any other types. You have the stable energy (unless consuming too much sugar). As the day progresses your energy increases. Those that have low blood sugar or hypoglycemia will tend to have an energy crash around 4 PM. If you do have hypoglycemia you need to follow the Thyroid Type plan until the sweet cravings are controlled. You can get your second wind around 9 or 10 PM at night and go to bed late, sometimes staying up until 2 AM, but many are in bed by 10 or 11. 

Your type is not as strong as the others and you need to go at your own pace. You are slow moving and it is best for you to follow this slow pace. While you may be known as the weakest of the four types your energy will last the longest.

Personality Traits

This is the gland of affection, emotion, attention, altruism, kindness, harmony, goodness, generosity and empathy. You have strong values, courage, and willpower. 

The Pear Body Type is known for your warmth, love and genuine interest in others. You love to take care of others, the motherly type, the maternal instinct is very strong, and this distinguishes you from the other types. 75% of all nurses are Gonad Types, social workers, teachers, naturopaths, the helping professions. 

Being in a relationship is very important to you as is having children. While the Thyroid Type can’t wait to get out after having a baby, the Gonad Types are in their glory at home, love breastfeeding for a lengthy period and being a mom. You love the responsibility. The home and land are very important to you and you prefer not to travel for too long. 

You are hard-working, perseverant and patient. You have a high sense of responsibility and organization. We can count on you, you are very reliable. You do not like confrontations; you find them a waste of time. When there is a conflict (which may be rare as you normally disallow conflict) you have a good sense of justice and a way to balance things out. You tend to do a little too much for others and it can become stifling at times for your children or those you care for. You tend to be overly concerned for the welfare of your children. You dislike superficial things and competition. 

You love to talk about life, exchange with others, share. You can project 20 years into the future, no problem. 

What stresses you; competition, superficial relationships, or relationships that are not harmonious, changes in the program, financial risks, lack of order. You tend toward burn out at work because you work so hard. When your children leave home it is very hard on you. 

You would do well by letting go, learning to live and let live, think more about yourself. The Pear body type usually takes care of others, ( they love to do this) and has a hard time taking care of herself!

Food Cravings

The Pear Body Type has cravings after dinner and at night more than at other times of the day.

The cravings include:

Spicy foods, Mexican food
Fatty foods
Fried foods
Butter, cream
French fries, chips
Salty foods
Red meat
Cold cuts
Red Wine
Rosé sauces, creamy sauces, creamy salad dressings    
Cravings around 10 PM indicate a feeling of lacking and wanting someone to take care of you, especially if you feel your partner is not giving you enough attention. Go and get a hug, instead of eating!

Common Ailments

Typical problems related to the reproductive organs, gynecological troubles and the lymphatic system. PMS, mastitis, infertility, fibroids, breast cysts or uterine cysts or tumors, endometriosis, menstrual problems, organs that descend and constipation.  You tend to have cellulite, varicose veins, leg pain, swelling, heaviness, swollen ankles, overweight. 

You may tend towards burn out as you neglect yourself by taking care of others. You tend to have congestion, a lack of circulation in your body, your veins and your life. 

Doing a detox is important for you to eliminate the toxins that you accumulate more easily than others. You need to get your blood circulating. 

Here is how to keep your Pear shape balanced and fix its adrenal issues by Dr.Eric Berg.

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Didier Waterfall Hiking Adventure

It was such a great opportunity to spend some time outside of the Mom life and study routine. Me and the rest of the Caribbean Scandinavian Wives :-) made a plan to go hiking the "forbidden hike".. because there is a sign at the entrance that forbids taking the hike up to the waterfalls. 

Didier water fall was not as we heard about it. The walking through the dark tunnel was quite fine. I stumbled a couple of times by the moving stones and slippery muddy hills but nothing really dangerous. Climbing using a rope was part of the hike and a lamp was also required to pass the dark dirty tunnel. After all the jungle, the view of the water fall and the lovely sweet water was worth the whole trip. 

Find photos and videos on my instagram account. 

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