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20 Months Already

Our little Julia turned 20 months. She is growing and learning new things every day. Especially her singing skills improved a lot hehe..  She actually started singing for the first time when we were on our way here at our first stop in Danmark, singing the head, shoulders knees and toes song. By now she can pick which book I am talking about when I ask her to bring a book for night reading. And she can play baby game puzzles very well. She swims fearlessly with her floating armbands, of course. 

Her talking is advancing a lot as well, she likes to repeat words often as we talk and she names things in her books like apple, ball, and a baby ect. 

The potty training has been a little difficult as I am worried about the furniture of our current rental. A fabric white sofa is not very practical, nor the bed where she likes to jump often. So hopefully, on our new accommodation, I will be able to train her better. 

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Tropical Stew: Mango And Chicken With Coconut Milk

Here is another goodie from the tropical cuisine of Indonesia. I have as usual read couple of different recipes and came up with my own simple recipe based on my favorite flavors. I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Remember that you can always use my international food management tools of the sidebar to the right. Or here Conversion Middle east, Conversion for U.S, Conversion Swedish. how much is a dl?.


900 g chicken fillet
Vegetable oil 1 tablespoon
salt pepper
1 tablespoon curry
1 dl of water
2 tablespoons chicken fund
1 small onion 
1 green bell pepper
1 mango can or 250 g mango frozen diced
1 coconut milk 400 g

Garnish with:1 dl cashew nuts roasted and parsley


1. Peel and grind the onion or cut to small pieces. And the chicken to small chunks.

2. Heat oil in a saucepan and fry the chicken until golden or brown with the onion and curry for medium to about 3-4 min. Stir every now and then.

3. Add coconut milk, bell pepper, and mango pieces. Season with salt and pepper. Stir every now and then. Let the pot cook for about 15 - 20 minutes.

4.  Garnish with roasted cashew nuts and parsley.
Serve with boiled jasmine rice and extra nuts.

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A visit to Petit Anse

Every week we try to at least do one sightseeing, to see one of the many beautiful places on this little island. I fell in love with this little fishermen village from Pinterest photos when I first searched for photos of Martinique. And since then it was on my list.  Here are some reviews about Petit Anse

Petite Anse is a district of Anses d'Arlet almost autonomous, almost a village in the village where most of the inhabitants live fishing.

Petite Anse is not a very touristy place because its beach is the least sympade all the beaches of Anses d'Arlet, we rarely see people bathe except for a few locals. This is not because the beach is less inviting than scourier in this area of Anses d'Arlet that we must not go! The district of Petite Anses is typical, the people of a contagious and calm kindness is king. In addition, it is one of the corners of Martinique less aroused ... so it should be nice during your visit! 

There are 2 magnificent views including the point of view on the Diamond Rock at the extreme south of Petite Anse and the departure of the hike Morne Larcher (photo opposite) which offers a very special panorama. Like a micro-climate bubble over a very small area where you can see Le Diamant and up to Sainte-Anne.

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How to wear your sexy dress in cold season without being frozen

There is no denying it now, the winter Christmas crazy party season is just around the corner…diaries will soon be booked up with nights out, office get togethers, dinners, drinks…you name it…all needing a fabulous outfit to wow your peers with. BUT…that age old problem will rear its ugly head when it comes to flimsy party dresses… how do you keep warm!!

Now, while there are some of us who live and die by the winter rule of cab to club, meaning that they don’t enter the outside world at all on a night out. Instead opting to jump from a taxi into a venue with the minimum amount of time outside. The majority of us however are forced to step outside to get from a to b and there are a few simple tricks that you can follow to look AMAZING in your skimpy dress but also keep yourself warm while in transit. 

First up…tights…now I know, these are not the most attractive accessories to have in your closet but in winter they are a must have. Depending on what dress you choose to wear, I would highly recommend having the appropriate coloured tights to match. That’s why I think black is a great choice for winter nights out, as you can pair with plain or patterned black tights that not only look good but keep your legs cosy and warm. Skin coloured tights don’t really look that great and are also by nature quite thin so won’t keep you as warm as their black counterparts. 

Anyway, black is always a more dramatic and sexy vibe for wild nights out! 

Or, if you're a brave mini dress lover and it's hard for you to give it up even in the cold winter, a pair of knee high boot is also a good defence against the cold. But NEVER try to match the boots with your knee length skirt, believe me, this may not make your sexy legs look that long.

Next trick is to invest in a serious winter coat to keep as much heat in as possible when out and about. Definitely choose a long floor length number here. Adds to the flamboyance of your look and keeps not only your body but your ankles warm as well! I would go for a fitted number when picking out a coat. This means you can make you outerwear part of your look by adding on a matching belt to cinch in your waist and complete your night time silhouette. 

If you are a hat person, then by all means this is your time to shine. Hats can add a fun and functional element to your look and can complete an outfit and up your style stakes while still keeping you warm. Berets are a great choice for the Christmas party season, as they seem to remain timeless and elegant and are super snug. 

Finally don’t forget some gloves….black leather…always a good choice. So gorgeous and a really high end, classy, finishing touch to any look. You could go for a vibrant colour either like a dramatic bright neon pink or a Christmassy red. Just don’t pick a woollen pair for night time…stick with the more expensive looking style of glove. Remember, you need to have your look in equal parts night owl and snug as a bug! 

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Tropical Stew: Pineapple And Chicken With Curry Sauce

Here is one of my favorite tropical Asian cuisine flavors. You can either cook this like a stew in a cooking pan or cook it in a casserole form in the oven. I actually do it this way but I found plenty of other recipes which are similar to just small differences,  some of them used onion, coconut milk instead of cream, or mango instead of pineapple. If you are a creative cook like me you can make this tropical stew using your favorite flavors from the mentioned ingredients or dare to add your own. 

Here is the original recipe in Swedish "Kycklinggryta med curry & ananas".


400-500g chicken fillet
Butter to frying
1-2 tablespoons curry
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 red bell pepper 
4 dl chicken broth 1dl = 100 ml 
4 rings of pineapple or cubes (fresh or can)
2.5 dl cream 1.054 cup
salt and pepper
Maizena (cornstarch) to rescue Optional *


Cut the chicken fillets into cubes and then fry them a little in a pan with butter on low heat.
Meanwhile cut the pineapple and the bell peppers into cubes too. 
Season the chicken with salt, pepper and half of the curry.
Put the chicken in a saucepan and add the bell pepper.
Pour the broth and simmer for 10 minutes.
Then add the pineapples to smaller pieces.
Add the cream and taste with more curry & pineapple pad.
Cook for another 10 minutes. 

Then add maizena (cornstarch)  to get the desired consistency and serve it with rice. 

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Mount Pelee Visit

Here is a quick update since I am very busy these days. Yesterday we went to do some sightseeing again outside of our village Les Trois-Îlets. This time we head to the volcano Mount Pelee. On our way, we stopped at a small waterfall where Julia and her daddy took a dip in the water as we say in Sweden. 

When we arrived at the panorama viewpoint, Julia and I decided to take a break and grab something at the restaurant while David continued hiking up to the volcano top.

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