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Peaceful Dreams

Hi lovelies! I am at total peace these days, thanks to my daily meditation practice and positivity. As I mentioned before I took some time to relax, think in peace and be authentic with myself for the next chapter. Only focusing to manifest what I want to happen not what I am afraid will happen, after all, we create and control our own realities (in the mind). I no longer feel like I need to change my personality or path to fit in a situation. I guess I am back to being bold in expressing myself, just like them old good days, as mentioned in a blog post from last July when things started to shift and unfold slowly. By the way, July and August were the first plant seed for my awakening, particularly in the arms of Norway breathtaking nature. Now I am putting a goal to spread an atmosphere of happiness and well-being all around me and to the caring people in my life. All the coincidences, signs, good news, and the support I am getting from my close friends ensures to me that I am right. I am so excited! Spring has been always my good luck season. 

Dreams dreams dreams, It's funny that I haven't been sleeping well. But during those few hours that I manage to sleep early around 20:00 local time, I get lots of bizarre unusual dreams and fantasies with a sense of reality in them, a warming sensation like. As if it's a telepathy or time travel of some kind. My horoscope says its the effect of the new moon from now until its a blue full moon on the last day of the month. I am not sure I can bear it, it's quite intense. I feel if we would stay here on this island one more month I would turn to a Hoʻoponopono witch with superpowers hahaha... I cant take it, honestly XD

There is a birthday party today for Moas son, but we are not going since Julia's dad is flying to NYC early morning and he usually takes the car with him. I will be doing the rest of the packing, getting ready to leave on Saturday. We are flying to London than to Sweden next day.

I am so distracted and dreamy at the moment so I couldn't focus on studying :-/, moon effect right! hehe. I think its wise to just take these last 3 days here to kick back, relax and enjoy the island. I will regret it later if I don't. This afternoon I am planning to spend time swimming, sunbathing, staying hydrated and chatting with friends as I listen to happy chillout music :-). (Photo above from my and Julias California trip this year building bridges with my friends and family).

If my spiritual diaries and updates resonate with whatever situation you are going through, I hope they inspire you to find your inner wealth. Don't forget that we are powerful divine beings. Here I recommend this Reiki music to use while meditating, perhaps when you lay down before bedtime.  Gratitude!

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Gorges De La Falaise Hike

Another breathtaking adventure in Martinique Island. Now that we only got 6 days left, I am trying to take advantage of each day here to recharge my spirit and soul before I get back to my life in Västernorrland and my personal responsibilities that are waiting for me there. 

This hike was even greater than the last one. Read more about Les Gorges de la Falaise here. It was a hike through the jungle, water, and very large rocks, the view from below was magical. As soon as we made it to the waterfall I got an amazing zen feeling and nature started whispering to me that divine talk. I usually get skin goosebumps and a sensation as if I will nearly cry when I meet the beauty of nature. I first got it in Langkawi island in Malaysia, and I continued getting it ever since until recently in Norway last August and here.

So far me and the ladies have done 3 hikes, one in Didier, the volcano, and this one. We had a jet ski tour to the bat cave and back and I did a dive. Now I can not wait to do more the rest of the days we've got left.  I also need to make my hotel booking in both locations I am traveling to in April. 

Thanks to nature and fresh air, I managed to sleep better last night, more hours at least. Today I made time to do the housework, laundry and some of the packing for going back home. As well as resting and relaxing, taking time to get in touch with my self and be fearlessly authentic. Since the incident, I became more open in my pieces of me: "lesson learned" blog posts. I also felt I am so blessed by the friends and close people in my life that act as cheerleaders, who give me love, care, concern, emotional support, and guidness both here and in faraway lands. I admit that I am very lucky!

I am spending Saturday night watching Mbc the voice as I write this update to be published tomorrow, will be going to bed early again. And tomorrow my dear Linda is coming with her son to spend the day with me and Julia, we will make our favorite ginger and green apple virgin cocktails and enjoy moms chilling day by the pool, and plan our (home decor) shopping trip to Marrakech in the fall:-).

 Below are two favorite songs of mine that match with my mood during the trip. Gratitude! 

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New Moon

Loyal readers, happy Friday to you all! Finally passed the birthday milestone in peace, Julia was very happy, and everyone else was satisfied. Thanks to my lovely friends here who made the day fun even that things are climactic here. The turban theme for the adults was so much fun. Even my French landlord said it was beautiful as he came to help me with the gas for the grill. I notice that French people do not hesitate to give compliments / casually flirt comparing with the Swedes. Even random people in the streets and public places.

Today I am going on another hike with the ladies. I can not wait to get back out there take in nature and hug a tree. Being at home makes me feel like those boring desperate housewives from the 50´s hehe, or perhaps housewives from my hometown culture even in our current time. Not that I am against it but personally speaking.

Lately, the novel, poems, poetry literature studies put me on a dreamy romantic mood. I keep comparing cultures and language expressions. As well as people, being the philosopher that I am XD. Sometimes its good to remember to put one foot on the ground. 

I am still productive as I mentioned before, ticking of the assignments that I have to submit in May. My sleeping is still not well since the incident last month but I take advantage of it to make time for my study as I will be busy in April. I sleep when I put Julia to bed around 7/8, and wake up after 6 or 7 hours, study until she gets up then I might take a nap later on during her noon nap. I try to do it few days a week when I don't have something social to do in the evening. 

Here is another miracle, my two April solo travel trips are finally confirmed since Julia's dad got his April schedule today, he will be on vacation from 7th until the end of the month. I thought I am going to have to take Julia with me otherwise. This is usually the freedom versus control issue I have. The new moon these days 15,16,17 brings such beautiful, positive energy in the air. I couldn't be happier. Gratitude!

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Two Years Of Unconditional Love

This was the biggest and most remarkable day in my life. Its the day where I got my precious princess Julia. No words can describe what she brought with her coming to my life.  On a day like this at 12:26 PM my heart walked out of my body literally.. it was a natural labor, no drug or other interventions involved and I tried to keep it all natural the whole way during the whole newborn period. I said to myself since you are doing it once, do it gooood :-). I found it within me to do only what is best for her and that is how a mother heart is like. I've changed 100% for her and she taught me how to be a mother. 

The joy and the happiness she brought to my life covered over all the obstacles and difficulties that come with "Scandinavian parenthood" and her dad's lifestyle because help was not always available. Despite the sleepless nights, getting up at 5 am every morning, being trapped at home, weight gain, body hormone changes, self esteem.. and later on, when she started getting her hands on things XD her breaking all my sunglasses, smashing all my make up.. etc .. I know I would still do it all again for her. 

Motherhood experience varies from one culture to another. I wouldn't have dared to become a mom if I was somewhere else in this world. Thanks to the Swedish laws and the previous job income/insurance I managed to earn a good maternity leave which allowed me to be with Julia one year and a half before she started kindergarten August last year in Sweden (this is considered common in Sweden as its a child's right). Since her dad couldn't do his maternity leave part as he is residence in Finland, I earned his days as well. Then when we came here four months ago, I started being a part-time student on distance with a grant and my studies will last until October. Couldn't have been more thankful for these blessings which helped me maintain my stability, grounding, and freedom. The only frustration I referred to in pervious posts is having to compromise for us to be together in a nearby location when it comes to my career choices and personal growth.

As I mentioned before, we will be celebrating Julias birthday with the rest of the Scandinavian community tomorrow because her dad is in provenance today. I am so excited to throw her a party. On April she will be going on vacation with her dad to the Swedish north mountains so that they can catch up on whats left of this winter snow and on 17 April she will start kindergarten once again. That's when I will start my graphic design practice with Your Design Company as I continue my part-time studies. A good happy ending to the two years of the maternity period.

I will be focusing this week on the Swedish literature assignments that I have to submit at the beginning of May. Have a wonderful day!

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The Journey

Hello again! First I would like to thank you guys for the DM feedback and support. The blog is turning to a more Mom expat life diary these days since I am putting my creativity in the portfolio creation :-).For those who asked about the Grilled Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken in Foil recipe here it is.

About the journey, this is another special date 3 13, and I am so excited for it.. as the divine feminine energy is getting higher and higher, I am getting back more and more to the strong woman I used to be. Motherhood had its softening effect on me and made me bare a lot of unbearable conditions for the parenthood sake. It made me master tagging along or simply going with the flow of the situation. This way of doing things in the past two years is what got me to where I am today. But what I have before me now is a different situation where I allow myself to still choose my own personal growth. It would be a miracle if it could happen without sacrifices. I am currently reading a book I bought in 2015 as If I've seen it coming, it called The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women book. Shout out to all the ambitious mothers out there who know what I mean.

I am where I am supposed to be on my learning journey. I am glad I got to test this stage of life before making any official commitments. My heart is full of gratitude and joy for all the current blessings I have in my life. I am writing with a smile on my face, drinking my morning coffee as I listen to the hidden treasures album of Amy Winehouse :-), she is perfect for a mellow morning. 

Yesterday was a lovely day from the start, Moa came over with her kids, we had lunch together and spent the whole day with kids around the pool drinking coconut water. At night I slept quite early after putting Julia to bed at 7 (Swedish baby bedtime). I used an audiobook so that I don't bother her with the light and I fell asleep around 8 which made me wake up super early and do some of my studies in peace and quiet and socialize with friends back home since the different time zone can be annoying here.

Today me and the rest of the ladies are taking the ferry to Fort De France to do some local market shopping. We are taking the kids with us this time and will have lunch over there and back. My friends in Sweden wants me to buy them African fabric to make head turbans like the one I make. I want to do some souvenir shopping for my friends. Later in the evening, we are invited for dinner. I will keep you posted on Instagram live of how it is like in the downtown. Have a freaking awesome day!

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Under The Mango Tree

Today is a special day when it comes to numerology 11 3. A special date / Numbers indeed for me by experience as a twin-flame journey believer (since I read the alchemist novel about 10 years ago, a self-help book). My stomach’s in knots and my heart’s pounding... it's as unconventional as it always been. Will see what this special date will unfold since the energy is quite high these days, spiritually speaking! No more runner and chaser toxic patterns. I've accepted the intensity as it is. I am not needy, I've done my healing and the ego has been totally released. 

Reality speaking in the 3D world... there's no point trying to make sense of certain days here, and yesterday was one of them. Much of what happened occurs on an unconscious level and has no rational explanation. I am willing to let time resolve these issues until we go back home. So yesterday I felt like just turning off my intellect and make a profitable day by just enjoying the mango party with the Scandinavian community here. Drinking mango smoothies under the mango tree and a lot of black coffee, listening to chill out music like the one I posted below as I swing on the hammock. The art of living and loving the moment..

On the way back home I did the grocery shopping for Julia's birthday which will be celebrated inviting the rest of the families with kids on the 15th, one day after her actual birth date. I will make a "Swedish pancake" cake with raspberry. Basically all kids favorite. And will make Hawaiian grilled chicken and rise. We will celebrate daytime as usual so that the kids can play and swim in the pool.

Meanwhile, I will continue being productive ticking off my swedish literature studies and portfolio to do list. Also, try to balance the boost of my social life here. Me and the rest of the ladies are trying to come up with more activities to do during the days we got left, playing tennis is one of them. Today will be home alone with Julia. One of my besties is coming to spend the day with me and her lovely son who's near Julia's age. It will be fun :-)

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